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Historical Materialism Melbourne - 7-8 Dec

The eighth annual Historical Materialism conference on new Marxist research will be held for the first time in Melbourne, on the 7th and 8th of December, 2019 at Trades Hall.


Call for Papers

A century after the defeat of the German Revolution, our world is still threatened by authoritarianism, imperialism, racial apartheid/s, and regressive attacks on women and LGBTQI people. The timescales of the biosphere have been thrown into disarray; globally a million species face extinction while locally, the Murray Darling Basin runs dry. The state of capitalism is cast into stark relief as our rulers push ahead with the Adani coal mine and economic policies which further concentrate wealth in the hands of the ruling class.

The hard right deepens and intensifies centuries of colonialism, diverting anger away from capitalism and towards racialised Other(s); Australia’s treatment of indigenous peoples, refugees and migrants may be a disturbing vision of an international future. Indeed, no victory is sacred and no past gain is immune: abortion is besieged in the USA while here, homophobia raises its head once more, under the guise of religious freedom. All the while, the centre-left architects of this situation – the neo-liberal Labor, social democratic and progressive parties – founder amid a lack of vision and initiative. To stand for the status quo is to accelerate catastrophe.

Yet, as Rosa Luxemburg wrote just over 100 years ago: “… at the same time, history marches inexorably, step by step, toward final victory! Where would we be today without those “defeats,” from which we draw historical experience, understanding, power and idealism?”

These words are no platitude: around the world, capitalism is confronted by a resurgence of resistances, often on a mass scale. The Gilets Jaunes refuse to allow order to reign in Paris. The Extinction Rebellion refuses to allow order to reign in London. The Hong Kong rebellion refuses to allow order to reign in Beijing. Every day, millions defy the borders imposed by states increasingly reliant on them as sites of labour arbitrage and sanguine fetishes of authority. Elsewhere, millions seek political alternatives, driving the greatest renaissance in socialist ideas and organising in decades. The progressive wing of neo-liberalism, with its blithe arrogance and entitlement, often finds political power stolen from its grasp – by the many, from the few. The old order is not safe anywhere.

The organisers of the inaugural Historical Materialism Melbourne conference call for papers presenting diverse responses to this complex and multifaceted situation. HM Melbourne will be a space for discussion, debate and cross pollination: we invite proposals for papers and panels from activists and radical academics alike. We welcome contributions that build our knowledge of the past as much as those that analyse the present or contend over philosophical visions of the future; theoretical contributions are welcome, as are those with an empirical or practical focus. Indigenous, non-white, refugee, LGBTQI and feminist perspectives are warmly welcomed as are papers that interrogate class power and political strategy, or which dwell in the intersections between these and other topics.

The Historical Materialism Melbourne Organising Committee seeks abstracts of no more than 100 words, to be submitted by 13 September 2019. Panel proposals must include an overall abstract of approximately 100 words, as well as shorter abstracts for individual papers. Please include your name, any institutional affiliation and a contact email address.

Please email your abstract or panel proposal to



2nd Sth Sth Critical Philosophy of Race & Decoloniality Symposium - UNE - 26-27 Nov

une-logo2nd Sth Sth Critical Philosophy of Race & Decoloniality Symposium 

26 -27 November 2019

Transgression, Freedom and Sovereignty of Knowledge

Keynote Speaker: Nelson Maldonado-Torres (Rutgers University)


Abstract Submissions by July 15 2019: 150-200 words & brief bio:

Registration: Waged $150 Unwaged/student/retired $50



Conveners: ddavis & Eliza Kent


The symposium will be held at:

University of New England Anaiwan Country 
Armidale NSW Australia


An Indigenous Art Exhibition and artists talks will also sit with the symposium.

I hope you are able to submit an abstract and attend. Selected papers from the symposium will be published in a reputable, blind reviewed journal. 



danielle davis & Eliza Kent


Symposium Background

This meeting brings together an international group of scholars interested in philosophy of race and decoloniality of thought and the disciplines in which we practice. Given the relative lack of diversity and dominance of western centric thought in our disciplines, particularly philosophy, we hope that this collective will agitate for genuinely Indigenised and decolonised spaces, epistemic disobedience and the plurality toward the explanation of the human condition. In the words of the Caribbean Philosophical Association, we move also to ‘shift the geography of reason’. Here we seek not to deride western thought, rather to include all thought systems as knowledge systems to be valued, critiqued and transgressed when needed.


AAHPSSS 2019 - Wellington - 13-15 Dec

victoria-university-wellingtonAAHPSSS is the Australasian Association for the History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Science, and covers all aspects of science studies. It is a not-for-profit association, with the mission to advance science studies.

The 2019 AAHPSSS conference will be held from 13–15 November at the Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. This will be the first time the conference has been held in NZ for many years, and we are hoping that Australian delegates will make the effort to cross the Tasman for what will be an exciting and stimulating event!


ASCP Annual Conference 2019 - UniMelb - 4-6 Dec


University of Melbourne, 4-6 December 2019

We invite proposals for papers, panels, and streams for the 2019 ASCP conference, which will be held at the University of Melbourne from the 4th to the 6th of December, with a postgraduate and ECR day on the 3rd. We seek papers on topics relevant to Continental philosophy, broadly defined. We particularly encourage submissions from members of groups who are traditionally underrepresented in philosophy. We welcome the participation of postgraduate and early career researchers.

Abstracts must be submitted through the submission portal by FRIDAY 27th of SEPTEMBER; presenters can request a 30 or 45-minute slot. Panel organisers must submit all information - titles, abstracts, speaker details - on behalf of participants (this can be done by selecting ‘Panel proposal’ as the presentation type). The submission portal can be found here:



- Rebecca Comay (University of Toronto)

- Martin Hägglund (Yale University)

- Samantha Matherne (Harvard University)

There will be a plenary panel on the work of Justin Clemens (University of Melbourne)



The Australasian Society for Continental Philosophy provides a bursary for a limited number of conference participants who are either students or under-employed early career academics, in recognition of the significant contribution of these members of the ASCP. The bursary is named for a dear colleague and founding member of the ASCP who died in 2016.

Please note the following requirements must be met to be eligible for the bursary:

  • Australasian residency (defined as: Australia, New Zealand, PNG, South Pacific islands)
  • Current status as a Higher Degree (PhD or Research Masters) or under-employed Early Career Researchers

For further information on how to apply see the conference website:



  • Andrew Inkpin
  • Knox Peden
  • Marilyn Stendera



  • The School of Historical and Philosophical Studies (Melbourne)
  • The Barry Taylor and David Lewis Philosophy Fund (Melbourne)
  • The Research Unit on Enlightenment, Romanticism, and Contemporary Culture (Melbourne)




PESA Annual Conference - Hong Kong - 7-11 Dec

pesaThe Philosophy of Education Society of Australasia


7-11 Dec 2019, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest. (Confucius)

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. (Aristotle)

For this conference, we welcome you to the University of Hong Kong, where the historic legacies and contemporary trends of eastern and western (and northern and southern) cultures and societies vividly converge, diverge, and intersect in daily life. This conference will focus on mixings, minglings, and clashes as seen in educational philosophy and theory, in Hong Kong, the Asia Pacific, and around the world.

The conference organising committee welcomes research exploring diversity in inquiry, argument, and theory, within and across traditions, emphasising the following themes:

  • Truth and Harmony
  • Individual Rights and Social Responsibility
  • Analytical and Holistic Thinking
  • Wisdom and Knowledge
  • Contemplation and Action
  • Reason and Reality
  • Transformation and Ideology
  • Self and Others
  • Freedom and Community

The conference will also address the significance for philosophy of education of embracing comparative, transcultural, and intercultural approaches. Explorations emphasising global, international, and cosmopolitan possibilities are also welcome. A special issue of Educational Philosophy & Theory and a monograph will be developed from select texts and presentations from the conference proceedings.

ASFS Conference - Sydney - 10-12 Dec

ASFS 2019 Conference

10-12 December
Hosted by the University of New England and Western Sydney University

Conference Theme: Making and Breaking Rules

Organising Committee: Chris Andrews (Western Sydney University), Valentina Gosetti & Sophie Patrick (University of New England)

Venue: University of New England, Sydney



ASEMP 2019 - Transformations in Early Modern Philosophy - Brisbane - 25-27 Nov

UQAustralasian Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy

The University of Queensland is delighted to host the second Australasian Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy (ASEMP), in Brisbane, Australia, from November 25th to 27th, 2019.

An optional extended stay from November 28th through to December 1st is planned for the island of Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island or colloquially, “Straddie”).

Invited Speakers:

  • Professor Lilli Alanen (Uppsala University)
  • Professor Marguerite Deslauriers (McGill University)
  • Professor John Carriero (University of California, Los Angeles)
  • Professor Calvin Normore (University of California, Los Angeles)
  • Professor Margaret Schabas (University of British Columbia)


For this conference, we seek papers on those early modern concepts, theories, or figures that transformed standard ways of thinking in the period, or that changed the form and nature of philosophy itself.



Note: Most of the events listed on the ASCP website are not hosted by the ASCP.  Events posted here are considered to be of interest to the Australasian continental philosophy community.

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