Technology, Knowledge, Truth - Melbourne - 13-15 Dec

MSCP2014Technology, Knowledge, Truth

RMIT Melbourne
13-15 Dec 2017




Ray Brassier, Mladen Dolar, Lucca Fraser, Alison Ross, Frank Ruda, Alessandro Russo, Knox Peden, Cat Moir, Mark Kelly, Jessica Whyte, Justin Clemens, Jon Roffe, Campbell Jones, A.J. Bartlett, Sigi Jottkandt, Russell Grigg, Adam Nash, Ali Alizadeh, Janice Richardson, Robert Boncardo, Emma Wilson, & Bryan Cooke


Conference Theme

Technē is as old as human being. Like language and waste-disposal, it is inseparable from the story of anthropogenesis. If the human being is both, as Aristotle avers, a zōon politikon and a anthrōpon logos echōn, we find ourselves confronted by the question of the nature of the relationship between these distinct constants of the history of humanity: between politics and, on the one hand, purposefully directed arts (technē as poiēsis and entelecheia) and technology/prostheses on the other. Yet does there exist, as Plato asks, a properly political art? Is politics traduced or abandoned the moment it is conceived on the model of technē, as if politics had an end outside itself? The question is further complicated if we take into account another ancient distinction: the distinction between truth and knowledge so vital to philosophy and education alike. Can there be such a thing as a ‘political truth’ and, if so, what might that be? What is truth in science? Is art capable of truth? In reposing such ancient questions, we also find ourselves caught up in the modern reflections on technology, knowledge, and truth from Martin Heidegger and Hannah Arendt through Gilbert Simondon to Friedrich Kittler and beyond.


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